Lactation Care

Bliss At The Breast

 Beyond information, having quality support while you're getting your nursing relationship established may be the most important thing of all.

Jessica is happy to offer both. Having experienced those early struggles herself, she has a special understanding of the emotions that accompany new mothering. Jessica has over ten years in lactation practice, including being an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant), the highest level of certification possible in lactation.

Things people often get help for are:

  •     Preparing to breastfeed
  •     Sore Nipples
  •     Engorged Breasts
  •     Low Milk Supply
  •     Poor Weight Gain
  •     Thrush
  •     Pumping
  •     Twins
  •     Premature Babies
  •     Tongue Tie, Lip Tie, and Palate Issues
  •     Food Allergies
  •     Nursing a Baby with Reflux
  •     Babies refusing the breast
  •     Postpartum Depression
  •     Medical Issues with Mom
  •     Medical Issues with Baby
  •     Nursing past 12 months
  •     Tandem Nursing
  •     Weaning
  •     General Problem Solving

If you're not sure whether we can help you, please Contact Us. If you are struggling with breastfeeding and what we offer does not provide the solution, Bliss At The Breast has an extensive network of resources that we are confident will provide what you need.                                

  Lactation Consultation Fee:

Private lactation consultation in your home is $150 for the visit. Most consults run about an hour and half to two hours. Follow up via phone or email is free. Additional visits are $75.

Consults via Skype are $75,

phone are $50,

evaluation for tongue tie is $50,

initiation of on-going email is $35.


We take payments via cash, check, credit in person and online, and Paypal (through whom some people qualify for a payment plan option). If you wish to file for reimbursement from insurance, we can provide paperwork to support that as well.

~If a decision is made to upgrade level of service, the previous fee will go towards that level of service (ie: email clients would recieve a $35 discount on a home visit), minus a fee for any travel already done.

Also try checking out our Tongue Tied Babies Support Group if it meets your need!