Education for Families

Bliss At The Breast

Breastfeeding Preparation CourseBATB offers private, in home classes as well as periodic group classes.    Some things this three hour class for parents covers are:

  • How birth affects breastfeeding
  • What to expect
  • Obtaining a comfortable latch
  • Ensuring a plentiful milk supply
  • Being sure the baby is getting enough
  • Pumping and storing milk
  • Introducing bottles to a breastfed baby
  • Maintaining your breastfeeding relationship when you're away from your baby
  • Integrating other family members into the breastfeeding dynamic


FeesPrivate, in home, customized classes are $75.
 A class that includes a home visit after the birth is $200.

Group classes are $50 for the session, and partners are strongly encouraged to attend. Check our calendar for announcements of group classes.